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Eco Committee

Hi, it’s Martin here from P3b!

I’m in the Eco Committee and have made some posters to put up in the school. I have three posters, one that says ‘keep the park clean’, one that says ‘always recycle paper’ and also one that says ‘do not cut down trees’ (unless you plant more).

This term we are heading towards getting our Green Flag (as an environmentally aware school)! We have done lots of very exciting things, like running a Fairtrade tuck shop to raise money for Fairtrade. In the New Year we will be doing Big Schools Birdwatch- more information on that to come!

We would like to ask you how you have been getting on with your Eco working. Have you been recycling, putting litter in bins and switching off lights when they’re not needed?

Thank you for looking after our world,

from Martin


A1derful Abbeyhill

On Friday morning, Primary 6 and 7 donned rubber gloves and high-vis vests to take part in a community project to beautiful Abbeyhill. This involved cleaning graffiti and fly posting off of shops, lampposts, traffic islands and wherever we could spot it. The pupils showed a lot of enthusiasm and were determined to make Abbeyhill look as good as it should.

IMG_5104 IMG_5107

Upon retuning to the meeting point with our tools, the pupils were asked to line up and were delighted to receive a certificate and a voucher for Blackwells for all their hard work. A well deserved reward for a community clean up!

IMG_5120   IMG_5128

The Snorgh comes to P1&2!

IMG_0621 IMG_0631 IMG_0639 IMG_0651 IMG_0679 IMG_0680

Primary 3 were very excited about taking their own adventure stories over to share with P1 and P1/2 this morning.  After reading them the story that had inspired us, “The Snorgh and the Sailor”, the P3s read their own books that they have been writing about the Snorgh’s next adventures.  P1 & P1/2 were an excellent audience and really enjoyed hearing the stories and looking at the pictures.

Strictly Come Ceilidh

ceilidhOur school hall was transformed last night as the ceilidh band rocked out some scottish tunes at the P7 Ceilidh.  Our P6 and 7 pupils looked so glamorous and grown up (and the adults didn’t scrub up too badly either!) as they spun their way around the hall.  A big thank you to Mr Rae for doing all the dance practice – it was a truly memorable evening. image