Artists in Residence

WHAT: An ongoing programme of Artists-in-Residence at Abbeyhill Primary School
WHY: Spreading the magic of contemporary art into the classroom
HOW: Bringing the local into the global phenomenon of artists’ residencies
WHEN: May 2014 – ongoing
WHERE: Abbeyhill Primary School

WHO: Resident Artists: Martine Foltier Pugh | Charlote Intihar | Lucy Ketchin-Edmondson | Denis Mallon | Aileen Paterson | Jasmin Hannah Sutherland and more to come + Resident Curator: Iliyana Nedkova

AN INITIATIVE OF: Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council

SUPPORTED BY: The City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership, Abbeyhill Primary School, Abbeyhill Primary School Parent Council.

PART OF: The Annual Exhibitions Colony of Artists