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Christmas Choir

It might be the first few days of the new year, but some of us are still trying to hold on to those last few memories of Christmas and all that it brings!

If you missed our choir singing on STV Edinburgh, here are the links…

Check us out at 34 minutes here…


and around 13 minutes and 40 seconds here…


Again, a huge well done to all he children involved. Looking forward to lots of exciting choir fun in 2016!


Eco Committee

Hi, it’s Martin here from P3b!

I’m in the Eco Committee and have made some posters to put up in the school. I have three posters, one that says ‘keep the park clean’, one that says ‘always recycle paper’ and also one that says ‘do not cut down trees’ (unless you plant more).

This term we are heading towards getting our Green Flag (as an environmentally aware school)! We have done lots of very exciting things, like running a Fairtrade tuck shop to raise money for Fairtrade. In the New Year we will be doing Big Schools Birdwatch- more information on that to come!

We would like to ask you how you have been getting on with your Eco working. Have you been recycling, putting litter in bins and switching off lights when they’re not needed?

Thank you for looking after our world,

from Martin


Lots of Learning in Primary 1b

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We have been in school for nearly six weeks now. Every day when we enter the classroom Miss Morgan makes sure we work our socks off ! We have been learning to do so many new skills.

We have been learning new sounds, letter formation and word building. We have been counting collections, counting forwards and backwards and learning numeral formation. We have been sorting and matching, looking for patterns, cutting out objects and putting them into size order. We have been learning how to draw detailed features on a facial outline. We have been sharing our opinions on various topics and showing good manners at all times. We have also been learning about concepts of print with our reading homework tasks. Phew !! School is exhausting…but fun !

Primary 4 visit North Berwick

P1060268 P1060282 P1060280 P1060285 P1060322 P1060335 P1060336

Primary 4 took the train to North Berwick this morning. Although we were hoping for a lovely, sunny day to complete our trail around the town and use our recently acquired mapping skills. Sadly, the weather decided not to play along. We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Lobster Hatchery where Maggie explained the various stages of the lobster life-cycle. After lunch the weather improved so we continued with our trail to Lodge Gardens where we enjoyed a play time in the park. Just enough time to have a wee cone before returning to school on the train. We were all shattered after our busy day.

So you want to be a Viking ?

P1050614 P1050618 P1050621

Primary 4 had a wonderful morning at the National Museum of Scotland where they attended a presentation called ‘So you want to be a Viking?’. The children made an excellent audience and were keen to answer any questions set by the presenters. Frank volunteered to solve a message that was written using runes. Afterwards we were very lucky to have a session with the Viking handling box, where we could investigate artefacts made and used by the Vikings. It was very interesting. Finally, ¬†we had a chance to view the Viking exhibits on display in the Early People gallery. At the Viking grave exhibit we were able to identify many of the objects at the plot but couldn’t work out why the Viking had been buried without his feet !