100 days!

The Primary 1 classes celebrated their 100th day in school this week.  They got together and took part in some great activities including making 100 Day crowns, doing 100 exercises and painting 100 dots.  Most importantly, they reflected on all the things they have learnt and achieved in school so far and felt justifiably proud.  We are very proud of them too.IMG_0731[1]IMG_0727[1]

And they’re off!

You might have heard about the initiative ‘Mile a Day’, that has started in some schools around Scotland.

During school each day, children go out with their classes to walk, run, jog or skip a mile. Schools involved have seen fantastic benefits: improved fitness, behaviour and concentration.

We thought it sounded like an excellent idea! This week Primary 7 measured out two different tracks and got active. Primary 2 and 3b have also been using our track, with the rest of the school to follow after our February break, staff included!

Primary 7 have enjoyed their first full week of this, and have set targets for themselves. They also enjoyed buddy time, when helping Primary 2 on their first day, also joined by 3b.

P2 in Victorian Times

P2 had a bit of a shock this morning.  When we got into our classroom, it wasn’t set out like normal – all the tables were in rows, and we weren’t allowed to play!  Miss Doig made us stand really quietly in a line, and read us the rules.

We went into the classroom and sat down in a seat.  Miss Doig did the register.  When our names were called, we had to stand up and say Good Morning.

We started our lessons by standing up and reciting the days of the week, the months of the year and numbers to 20.

We each had chalk and a slate for our handwriting lessons, instead of jotters and a pencil.  Miss Doig drew on the blackboard instead of the whiteboard.

We asked some excellent questions!  If we wanted to ask a question, we had to stand up and wait til we were called.

Some if us really enjoyed it, but most of us prefer our normal school days, and getting to play at the start of the day.

Lagganlia 2016

It may seem a while away but it won’t be long in coming round! Lagganlia 2016 has been booked and I’m pleased to say lots of you have signed up to take part in this amazing experience. Keep an eye on class newsletters for details of further information meetings. In the meantime, why not have a look at the video below for an insight into life on camp at Lagganlia!

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Christmas Choir

It might be the first few days of the new year, but some of us are still trying to hold on to those last few memories of Christmas and all that it brings!

If you missed our choir singing on STV Edinburgh, here are the links…

Check us out at 34 minutes here…


and around 13 minutes and 40 seconds here…


Again, a huge well done to all he children involved. Looking forward to lots of exciting choir fun in 2016!