Our Staff

Management and Administration

Headteacher:  Mrs Sally Ketchin

Principal Teacher: Mr Keith Martin

Business Manager:  Mrs Linda Watt

School Administrator:  Ms Jeanette Wynn

Facilities Technicians:  Mr Billy Forrest & Mr Phil Bateman


Teaching Staff

Nursery Teacher: Mr Keith Martin

Primary 1:  Mr Andrew Hamilton

Primary 2:   Mr Ieuan Scott-Woodhouse

Primary 3:  Mrs Abi Flowers

Primary 4:  Mr Sam Chetwynd and Ms Isla Macdonald

Primary 5:  Ms Catriona Howson

Primary 6:  Ms Eirini Stamati

Primary 7:  Mr Wayne Hamilton

Additional Support for Learning Teachers: Mrs Aziza El Sarrag & Ms Isla Macdonald

PE:  Mr Sam Chetwynd

Swimming Teachers:  Mr Mario Sanchez & Joanna Nowak

Cello Teacher:  Ms Anne Picken

Violin teacher: Mr Gergaly Horvath



Nursery Teacher:  Mr Keith Martin

Early Years Officer:  Mrs Nicola Lyall

Early Years Practitioners:  Mrs Gillian Kelly, Mrs Nabilla Hamid, Ms Mags Gilmore, Mrs Heather Watson, Ms Freya Wilson & Ms Emma Busby

Early Years Assistant:  Mrs Hayley Robertson


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Jeanette Black, Mrs Tracey Peters, Ms Christine McCourt, Mrs Kati Pender, Mrs Sheila Paxton, Mrs Lorraine Welsh, Ms Lorna Brotherston, Mrs Lisa Tansey 


School Crossing Guides

Mrs Kati Pender, Ms Pamela Lipscombe, Ms Lorna Brotherston & Ms Rhonda Butler