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Eco Week

We’ve had a lovely and busy Eco week at Abbeyhill! On Monday, each class created woodland animals out of recycled materials. Miss Smith and the Eco group created the background, we hope you agree it’s looking fantastic!

On Tuesday, we hosted a tuck shop to raise awareness for Fairtrade.

Wednesday saw every class go out to litter pick in the playground. Everywhere is looking very tidy now.

No paper day Thursday saw lots of different activities around the school, helped by the fantastic weather. P3b and P7 rose to the challenge of an Eco themed fashion show.

Today we saw lots of woodland animals come into school, raising money for WWF and the Eco group. Lastly, we really enjoyed the Eco friendly golden time choices we had, such as chalk art and time on the trim trail.

We’ve had a lovely week and are looking forward to health week!

Big Bird Week

This week our classes joined in the RSPB’s Big Schools Birdwatch. Each class chose a bird that they wanted to learn about.  We went outside to see if we could spot any visitors to our playground.

At assembly, classes presented their birds to the rest of the school: blackbirds, crows, owls and much more!




Eco Committee

Hi, it’s Martin here from P3b!

I’m in the Eco Committee and have made some posters to put up in the school. I have three posters, one that says ‘keep the park clean’, one that says ‘always recycle paper’ and also one that says ‘do not cut down trees’ (unless you plant more).

This term we are heading towards getting our Green Flag (as an environmentally aware school)! We have done lots of very exciting things, like running a Fairtrade tuck shop to raise money for Fairtrade. In the New Year we will be doing Big Schools Birdwatch- more information on that to come!

We would like to ask you how you have been getting on with your Eco working. Have you been recycling, putting litter in bins and switching off lights when they’re not needed?

Thank you for looking after our world,

from Martin


Primary 4 visit North Berwick

P1060268 P1060282 P1060280 P1060285 P1060322 P1060335 P1060336

Primary 4 took the train to North Berwick this morning. Although we were hoping for a lovely, sunny day to complete our trail around the town and use our recently acquired mapping skills. Sadly, the weather decided not to play along. We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Lobster Hatchery where Maggie explained the various stages of the lobster life-cycle. After lunch the weather improved so we continued with our trail to Lodge Gardens where we enjoyed a play time in the park. Just enough time to have a wee cone before returning to school on the train. We were all shattered after our busy day.

Our Green Ambassador



Congratulations to Magnus, who was awarded the title of Green Ambassador of the Eco Group. Magnus has worked very hard as an enthusiastic member of the Eco group for over two years.

He has suggested many ideas that the group have taken forward and also represented the Eco group at our recent visit to North Queensferry Primary School.

Magnus was awarded with a certificate, badge, wrist band and key ring from the World Wildlife Fund.

Well done, Magnus !