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Autumn Games

Today, Primary Seven attended the North Neighbourhood Autumn Games. Abbeyhill had two teams practising lacrosse and tae kwon do skills. We practised our sports in the morning and then participated in competitive elements in the afternoon. Primary Seven were really motivated and enthusiastic throughout the day. We really enjoyed meeting children from other schools and playing sports we had not tried before.image image image image

A1derful Abbeyhill

On Friday morning, Primary 6 and 7 donned rubber gloves and high-vis vests to take part in a community project to beautiful Abbeyhill. This involved cleaning graffiti and fly posting off of shops, lampposts, traffic islands and wherever we could spot it. The pupils showed a lot of enthusiasm and were determined to make Abbeyhill look as good as it should.

IMG_5104 IMG_5107

Upon retuning to the meeting point with our tools, the pupils were asked to line up and were delighted to receive a certificate and a voucher for Blackwells for all their hard work. A well deserved reward for a community clean up!

IMG_5120   IMG_5128