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Eco Committee

Hi, it’s Martin here from P3b!

I’m in the Eco Committee and have made some posters to put up in the school. I have three posters, one that says ‘keep the park clean’, one that says ‘always recycle paper’ and also one that says ‘do not cut down trees’ (unless you plant more).

This term we are heading towards getting our Green Flag (as an environmentally aware school)! We have done lots of very exciting things, like running a Fairtrade tuck shop to raise money for Fairtrade. In the New Year we will be doing Big Schools Birdwatch- more information on that to come!

We would like to ask you how you have been getting on with your Eco working. Have you been recycling, putting litter in bins and switching off lights when they’re not needed?

Thank you for looking after our world,

from Martin


Children in Need

Today we came to school in all sorts of funny outfits to raise money for Children in Need! Our fantastic crossing patrol wardens worked extra hard, braving the wind and rain to keep us safe crossing the road. Here they are in P3b after a particularly heavy downpour!


P3b at the museum!

On Monday P3b visited the National Museum of Scotland!


We saw lots of fantastic animals and we knew loads about them. In class we have been learning about animal adaptations to different climate zones. This seal has blubber to keep it warm in the icy artic waters!

We found poison dart frogs, who love the moist rainforest climate, and a camel adapted to the desert as well.

We couldn’t believe the size of this crab!


Although the trip there was a bit soggy, we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next day out!