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Pizza Express Trip

Primary 4 have been learning all about eating a healthy, balanced diet and also about the nutritional value of food. We have been learning to read food labels and have been thinking about the content of sugar, fat and salt in the foods that we eat. As part of our learning, we have been thinking about how home made food is often healthier than ready made meals. In our class, pizza is defintiely a favourite food so we took a trip to Pizza Express at Victoria Terrace to find out how to make fresh, home cooked pizza. We learned about the importance of using fresh ingredients and herbs to make our food tasty. It was a great trip where we enjoyed going on the bus and eating our pizza when we got back to school!IMG_3467

P3b at the museum!

On Monday P3b visited the National Museum of Scotland!


We saw lots of fantastic animals and we knew loads about them. In class we have been learning about animal adaptations to different climate zones. This seal has blubber to keep it warm in the icy artic waters!

We found poison dart frogs, who love the moist rainforest climate, and a camel adapted to the desert as well.

We couldn’t believe the size of this crab!


Although the trip there was a bit soggy, we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next day out!

Problem Solving in P2

We are really enjoying learning about Scottish Islands in Primary 2 just now.  We enjoy hearing about all the islands our classmates and their families have visited.

We have also been reading some of Mairi Hedderwick’s stories about Katie Morag. 

Today, we looked at maps of the Isle of Struay, the fictional home of Katie Morag. With a partner, we tried to find some key features on the map and matched them to our own blank maps.

This task was a real challenge, but we worked so well with our partners.  The discussion we had was very impressive, andyou could almost hear our brains ticking!

Lots of Learning in Primary 1b

P1060483 P1060484 P1060485 P1060486 P1060489 P1060490 P1060492 P1060494 P1060495 P1060505 P1060507 P1060508 P1060509 P1060513

We have been in school for nearly six weeks now. Every day when we enter the classroom Miss Morgan makes sure we work our socks off ! We have been learning to do so many new skills.

We have been learning new sounds, letter formation and word building. We have been counting collections, counting forwards and backwards and learning numeral formation. We have been sorting and matching, looking for patterns, cutting out objects and putting them into size order. We have been learning how to draw detailed features on a facial outline. We have been sharing our opinions on various topics and showing good manners at all times. We have also been learning about concepts of print with our reading homework tasks. Phew !! School is exhausting…but fun !

Primary 4 visit North Berwick

P1060268 P1060282 P1060280 P1060285 P1060322 P1060335 P1060336

Primary 4 took the train to North Berwick this morning. Although we were hoping for a lovely, sunny day to complete our trail around the town and use our recently acquired mapping skills. Sadly, the weather decided not to play along. We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Lobster Hatchery where Maggie explained the various stages of the lobster life-cycle. After lunch the weather improved so we continued with our trail to Lodge Gardens where we enjoyed a play time in the park. Just enough time to have a wee cone before returning to school on the train. We were all shattered after our busy day.