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Busy to the last!

There has been no slowing down for the approaching holiday at Abbeyhill this week! P1 have some new digital cameras and have been practising all week…there may be a few of Mrs Ketchin as I was in the class yesterday and was asked to join in with a few selfies!

Budding photographers in P1B!

P2 have celebrated Safer Internet Day (8th February) by discussing how they use online devices before working on ideas for their own games. Miss Smith is convinced there are some future star app developers in the class! P3 have had a really busy week making props and costumes for ‘Abbeyhill Space News’ and some incredibly detailed work has gone into their Valentine’s cards. Parents who follow @Abbeyhill2026 will also have loved the action shots from the crash mat challenge race that they undertook with P7!

P4 have been in a bubble this week (I thought it was quiet) but have still kept busy with a quick dash out to the playground in between breaks for some outdoor Maths as well as some indoor place value challenges. With hats.

I really enjoyed being part of the audience for the Abbeyhill dry ski slope challenge with P5. Tensions and excitement were high as each skier took to the slope; congratulations to the winners who saw their ski models make it safely off the slope and beyond! P6 and P7 had their first rugby session with Leith Hawks this week and there is some fantastic footage for parents who follow @Abbeyhill2023 twitter feed. P7 have also been busy making models of fighter planes for their WW2 topic, as well as brushing up on their coordinates and grid reference skills using maps of Edinburgh.

Parental Involvement and Engagement

In my update to parents this week, I asked for support in completing the Parental Involvement and Engagement survey. The Scottish Government has asked all 32 local authorities to undertake this census with parents in their local authority area before March 2022 and your support with this would be very much appreciated. If you are an Abbeyhill parent or carer, please check your emails for the link and QR code to get started.

Welcome back!

I was also delighted to say that nearly two years after closing the school gates to almost all parents, we will welcome parents back into our playground from Monday 21st February. This is in line with the general easing of restrictions around social distancing across the country. It will also be safer given the current concerns around road safety at the back of the school that the Parent Council and school are working on together with the City of Edinburgh Council.

Coming up

When we return, the Abbeyhill Ambassadors will be undertaking a street clean as part of our support for the Keep Abbey Street Tidy campaign. They will also be getting opinions from their class on potential playground upgrades which the Parent Council are in the process of applying for funding for – fingers crossed! The Junior Road Safety Officers will also be getting involved with the work the Parent Council is leading on safety at the back of the school and the ambassadors will support them in that.

We will also send out booking links for Parents’ Evening appointments which will take place over the weeks beginning 14th and 21st March. At this time, we are still planning for virtual events.

In the meantime, have a lovely holiday!

Sally Ketchin, Head Teacher

International Walk to School Month

walk to school(1)October is International Walk to School Month and now that the School Streets project is up and running, we have started tracking our journeys to school using an online travel tracker. Our aim is to make as many active journeys to school as possible be it walk, park and stride, scooter, skate or cycle.*

This month we are recording our journeys to school every day with the aim of making it into the top ten most active schools in Scotland.

Today we received our first piece of exciting news…

Abbeyhill Primary made in into the top 10! Despite yesterday’s awful weather we were number 7. This is a brilliant start and we are all looking forward to climbing even higher in the next few days. Let’s see how many of us can make active journeys to school this month.

WOF 6th Oct 2015

* We would ask that any child wishing to cycle wear the appropriate safety clothing and that younger, less confident cyclists are accompanied by an adult.

Happy New Year

Welcome back to school; I hope now that we’re in our second week everyone has settled back into routine and the holidays aren’t too distant a memory!

We have lots going on around us as well as in school this term with public consultations for the Safer Streets pilot and our window replacement project. This started just before Christmas and is a 12 week programme which will see every window in the main building replaced by Easter. It is inevitable that this will cause some disruption but we are working hard with the contractors to minimise this. We will use Room 8 as a decant classroom and music classes and clubs which use this room will move to either the Music Room in the infant building or the hall. You will have noticed and hopefully read in communications from last term that the staff car park has moved temporarily to the back playground to allow the contractors to use the front of the building. This area is off limits to children; please reinforce this if you spot anyone playing in amongst the cars before or after school!

The Safer Streets public consultation is on Tuesday 20th January and is a chance for parents and families as well as other neighbours of the school to find out exactly what it is all about and how it will affect them. I would encourage you to attend as this will affect anyone who currently drives to school (including staff) and will mean a little extra planning when dropping off! You can find out more about the consultation process via this link: https://consultationhub.edinburgh.gov.uk/sfc/school-streets-project-proposed-experimental-traff and you can find out more about the project in general, and give your views, through the council news page: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/news/article/1732/have_your_say_on_proposed_school_streets_schemes

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