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International Walk to School Month

walk to school(1)October is International Walk to School Month and now that the School Streets project is up and running, we have started tracking our journeys to school using an online travel tracker. Our aim is to make as many active journeys to school as possible be it walk, park and stride, scooter, skate or cycle.*

This month we are recording our journeys to school every day with the aim of making it into the top ten most active schools in Scotland.

Today we received our first piece of exciting news…

Abbeyhill Primary made in into the top 10! Despite yesterday’s awful weather we were number 7. This is a brilliant start and we are all looking forward to climbing even higher in the next few days. Let’s see how many of us can make active journeys to school this month.

WOF 6th Oct 2015

* We would ask that any child wishing to cycle wear the appropriate safety clothing and that younger, less confident cyclists are accompanied by an adult.

Road Safety App Launch

image                     image

Our JRSOs were invited to The National Museum of Scotland this morning for the launch of a new road safety app called Klang- The Road Home.  They listened to an important message from the Minister for Transport and after waiting patiently were given the chance play the game- which they loved! They are getting themselves ready to launch the app to the rest of the school at tomorrow’s assembly.

Big Bright Friday Plans revealed

Our JRSOs revealed their plans for Road Safety Week today in a flurry of excitement.  They have launched a class competition for every class in the school from the nursery to P7, with great Road Safety prizes to be given out to the winner from each class at assembly next Friday.  They also told us about “Big Bright Friday” to be held on Friday 21st November, with everyone in the school wearing their brightest clothes to school.  The brighter the better.  Better go and look out those neon pink leg warmers then…