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Solar Eclipse Excitement!

IMG_0440   IMG_0441  IMG_0442   Primary 3 were super excited about the solar eclipse today.  We made simple pin hole cameras so that we could project the image of the moon and sun onto a piece of paper so that we could see it without looking directly at it.  It was really exciting watching the moon cover over the sun.  We noticed that it got a bit darker and that the temperature outside suddenly dropped and we were all really chilly!

Good Vibrations Workshop

P1050574 P1050577 P1050579 P1050580 P1050582

Primary 4 and 5 enjoyed participating in the Good Vibrations workshop today as part of the Science Festival. Throughout the session volunteers helped with experiments to show how sound travels and even made their own groovy soundtrack by the end of the workshop. Sadly Miss Morgan was left feeling very old as one of the few people in the room to recognise a vinyl record!

Palaeontologist Visit

Primary three were excited this week as there was a visitor to our classroom. Mrs Brusatte’s husband happens to be a palaeontologist at the University of Edinburgh and he came in to talk to the class about his work, job, discoveries and dinosaurs in general. The class had great questions and were excited to touch some real fossils from a dinosaur leg bone!   IMG_5013

Electric Primary Five

IMG_4991 IMG_4998

Primary five were fortunate enough to attend a workshop by the Edinburgh Science Festival. They learned about how electricity works and flows and had the chance to use scientific equipment to generate power. Afterwards, they used this power to race hexbugs around a track. Everyone really enjoyed it and were excited to have the chance to perform their own experiments.