Apache Relay Race

Primary 6 ended their “School of Dreams” project with the “Apache Relay” this week.  Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about people from all walks of life who had big dreams and worked hard to make these a reality.  We have been working collaboratively in teams to think about our own dreams and goals, and some of the attributes, like determination and perseverance, that we all need to achieve our dreams.  We have completed a series of tasks and through the process have learnt that “success is 99% failure” and that when things go wrong we can use that and learn from it, as an important part of the journey to success. Our learning culminated in the battle to end all battles between the teams – the Apache Relay.  To complete the relay, each team had to reflect on the different skills each individual member brings to the team and then use these different skills to assign different tasks in the relay to different group members.  Some tasks were number based (sudoku puzzles), some needed fast letter recognition skills (wordsearches), some required good visual awareness (drawing challenges, jigsaws), whereas others relied on a good memory (matching games), and others needed good fine and gross motor skills or physical fitness (lacing a shoe, juggling, press-ups).  For the final task, team members had to work together to build a lego model without seeing a picture or diagram, relying only on their team mates to relay instructions for what to do.  We had a huge amount of fun, and also learned that we are all good at different things, bringing different skills and qualities to the team, and that when we work together and utilise all these different skills, we can achieve even more.

img_1588 img_1589 img_1590 img_1596 img_1595 img_1594 img_1592 img_1591 img_1598 img_1599

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