Daily Archives: 30/06/2016

Happy holidays!

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of another school year. Looking back, we have had yet another fantastic session where children have learned and progressed through a range of exciting and creative experiences.
We’ve seen the start of the School Streets pilot (September 2015) and had numerous walking buses to promote safe and sustainable travel to school. We’ve visited parliament, Edinburgh Castle, the Museum of Childhood, Holyrood Park, Aberdour beach, Bonaly outdoor centre, Meadowbank, Gambados, Alien Rock, Port Edgar, the Collective Gallery, the Talbot Rice Gallery and many, many more to support and develop our learning. Our Parent Council have grown in strength and numbers with the highlight of the Abbeyhill calendar being without a doubt the Summer Carnival at the beginning of June. We’re already looking forward to the next one! We have hosted volunteers, parent helpers, teaching students and Pirniehall Primary who spent a few months with us while their school was under repair. It is testament to the positive, welcoming environment of Abbeyhill that our staff and children welcomed Pirniehall with open arms and new friendships were forged! Pirniehall joined in with our key events such as our Sports Day and whole school Walk a Mile for Health Week and it was lovely to have them with us.
The end of our year is tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to three members of staff; Miss Jormola, Miss Smith and Miss Stewart. Miss Jormola is going back to Finland, Miss Smith has secured a permanent contract at Juniper Green Primary following completion of her probationary teaching year and Miss Stewart is going to the Royal High Primary to spread her already very skilled and talented teaching wings. We will miss you.
We will also miss our wonderful P7s who have been an absolutely fantastic year group all the way through Abbeyhill, from Nursery to the present day. They are a class that is full of character with genuine affection for each other with a great sense of humour! As they go off to their different high schools we wish them nothing but the very best of luck for their futures and hope they don’t forget us here at Abbeyhill.
From everyone at Abbeyhill, have a wonderful summer and we will see you when school and Nursery resumes on 17th August.

Sally Barker, Head Teacher