P2 in Victorian Times

P2 had a bit of a shock this morning.  When we got into our classroom, it wasn’t set out like normal – all the tables were in rows, and we weren’t allowed to play!  Miss Doig made us stand really quietly in a line, and read us the rules.

We went into the classroom and sat down in a seat.  Miss Doig did the register.  When our names were called, we had to stand up and say Good Morning.

We started our lessons by standing up and reciting the days of the week, the months of the year and numbers to 20.

We each had chalk and a slate for our handwriting lessons, instead of jotters and a pencil.  Miss Doig drew on the blackboard instead of the whiteboard.

We asked some excellent questions!  If we wanted to ask a question, we had to stand up and wait til we were called.

Some if us really enjoyed it, but most of us prefer our normal school days, and getting to play at the start of the day.

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