The Bread Experiment

P1050687 P1050688

Have you ever ate your lunch without washing your hands ? Well read on !

For the past two weeks visitors to our P4 classroom thought that it was very strange that we had 3 pieces of bread hanging on the wall but it was actually a scientific experiment! As part of our studies on Food Hygiene we decided to find out what happens if you eat your sandwich without washing your hands. First of all we passed a slice of bread around the class and everyone touched it, then we popped it into the ‘Dirty Hands’ bag. Then everyone washed their hands and we repeated the exercise and popped this slice of bread into the ‘Clean Hands’ bag. Finally we popped a slice of bread that no-one had touched into the ‘Control’ bag. We pinned the bags on the wall and then watched what happened over the following days.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how quickly the mould grew on the ‘dirty hands’ slice due to the bacteria and germs that were on our hands. Yuck ! So a lesson to all …don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat your food.

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