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A1derful Abbeyhill

On Friday morning, Primary 6 and 7 donned rubber gloves and high-vis vests to take part in a community project to beautiful Abbeyhill. This involved cleaning graffiti and fly posting off of shops, lampposts, traffic islands and wherever we could spot it. The pupils showed a lot of enthusiasm and were determined to make Abbeyhill look as good as it should.

IMG_5104 IMG_5107

Upon retuning to the meeting point with our tools, the pupils were asked to line up and were delighted to receive a certificate and a voucher for Blackwells for all their hard work. A well deserved reward for a community clean up!

IMG_5120   IMG_5128

Visitor in Primary 1

Over the next few weeks, Miss Macdonald will be working with us in class.  

Shona Macdonald is a teaching student at Strathclyde University and she is carrying out her final placement in our class.  She managed to meet a few of you during our international day celebrations – thank you for making her feel welcome.

 You might hear your child telling you about what they’ve been doing in class with Miss Macdonald, or see her at the beginning or end of the day.  Today, she read us a very funny story about a crocodile who ate his way out of a book, which we loved.


We are very lucky to have Miss Macdonald with us, and we hope she enjoys her time at Abbeyhill.

Spring has sprung!

Yesterday, all the children in Primary 1 went to Holyrood Palace for a spring walk.

We were very excited to be together, and the weather was beautiful!

First we were taken into the special gardens, which aren’t open to the public at this time of year, and saw where the Queen’s garden party is held each year.

We got a chance to pretend to be soldiers looking after the palace.

  We looked out for signs of spring.

We saw some beautiful spring flowers, and got very good at identifying crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops.

Next we were taken into a secret wood, where the Queen has her cup of tea in the morning when she comes to stay.  We were very quiet as we listened out for birds and looked for signs of nest building.

Finally we looked for buds and blossom on trees and added them to our pictures.  We were lucky enough to spot a squirrel jumping through the trees.

We had a lovely trip, and can’t wait to go back next season.

Thanks to all our helpers for joining us on such a lovely day.

Solar Eclipse Excitement!

IMG_0440   IMG_0441  IMG_0442   Primary 3 were super excited about the solar eclipse today.  We made simple pin hole cameras so that we could project the image of the moon and sun onto a piece of paper so that we could see it without looking directly at it.  It was really exciting watching the moon cover over the sun.  We noticed that it got a bit darker and that the temperature outside suddenly dropped and we were all really chilly!