Eco Group Update


The Eco Group have launched their ‘Eco Aware Vouchers’ this month. Everyday the Eco members are looking all around the school to catch people who are making good Eco decisions regarding our school environment. If you are caught being Eco Aware you will be given an Eco Voucher to pop in our collection box and at the end of each month there shall be a draw for an Eco prize.

We are hoping to catch people completing their class Eco jobs:

Nursery – Using one paper towel at a time.

P1 – Feed the birds in the wildlife garden

P1/2 – Water and care for the bottle gardens

P2 – Paper recycling in the infant building

P3 – Energy – Encourage people to turn off lights when not required; close doors and blinds at the end of the day to retain heat.

P4 – Paper recycling in upper building

P5 – Recycling water bottles throughout the school

P6 – Recycling ink cartridges – check box in office and contact agency for collection when required.

P7 – Litter in Playground – fortnightly tidy up

Good Luck !

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