Breakfast Club is coming to Abbeyhill!

I am absolutely delighted to be able to announce that our Breakfast Club will open after the February break. We’ve been looking at lots of options for this and I’m pleased to say that we have partnered with Scoosh, who provide our After School care. Scoosh already run Breakfast Clubs in other schools and they are looking forward to getting started at Abbeyhill!

At a cost of £2.50 per session, Breakfast Club will offer cereal and toast as well as care for your child prior to school starting at 0855. Nursery children are also welcome to attend with their parent/carer at a reduced cost of £1.50 per session as care is not being provided. Initially we will open from 0730 and evaluate use at the end of term. If there is low use before 0800 Scoosh may make the decision to open from 0800 onwards from the beginning of next term (April).

I know that there are lots of working families who have mentioned how much a Breakfast Club would benefit them so thank you for your patience.




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