Happy New Year

Welcome back to school; I hope now that we’re in our second week everyone has settled back into routine and the holidays aren’t too distant a memory!

We have lots going on around us as well as in school this term with public consultations for the Safer Streets pilot and our window replacement project. This started just before Christmas and is a 12 week programme which will see every window in the main building replaced by Easter. It is inevitable that this will cause some disruption but we are working hard with the contractors to minimise this. We will use Room 8 as a decant classroom and music classes and clubs which use this room will move to either the Music Room in the infant building or the hall. You will have noticed and hopefully read in communications from last term that the staff car park has moved temporarily to the back playground to allow the contractors to use the front of the building. This area is off limits to children; please reinforce this if you spot anyone playing in amongst the cars before or after school!

The Safer Streets public consultation is on Tuesday 20th January and is a chance for parents and families as well as other neighbours of the school to find out exactly what it is all about and how it will affect them. I would encourage you to attend as this will affect anyone who currently drives to school (including staff) and will mean a little extra planning when dropping off! You can find out more about the consultation process via this link: https://consultationhub.edinburgh.gov.uk/sfc/school-streets-project-proposed-experimental-traff and you can find out more about the project in general, and give your views, through the council news page: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/news/article/1732/have_your_say_on_proposed_school_streets_schemes

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