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Learning in the snow!

Primary 1 have put our outdoor learning on hold lately, as it has been so cold outside! We are brave enough to last outside at break and lunchtimes, and enjoy coming in for some warmth afterwards.

Yesterday, however, we decided to go out and investigate the playground in the snow just after playtime.

We thought it was very strange that it was sunny and snowy at the same time. We also noticed that there was less snow as we were going back inside than there had been when we went out for playtime. We talked about how the sun must be melting the snow.

We also talked about how it was a bit funny, because we usually associate snow with Christmas time! We remembered that it was still January, and still winter, so it was quite normal to have snow.

We are looking forward to searching for signs of spring!


Abbeyhill’s Got Talent!

We held a special Assembly last Friday to celebrate the life of Robert Burns.  We did a whole school quiz, saw some beautiful examples of Scottish art work by the pupils, heard Primary 6 recite some Scottish poems and then were treated to Brooke and Claire showing off their fantastic highland dancing.  Thank you to everyone who took part and made our Assembly so special.  What a talented bunch of pupils we have at Abbeyhill!

Good Vibrations Workshop

P1050574 P1050577 P1050579 P1050580 P1050582

Primary 4 and 5 enjoyed participating in the Good Vibrations workshop today as part of the Science Festival. Throughout the session volunteers helped with experiments to show how sound travels and even made their own groovy soundtrack by the end of the workshop. Sadly Miss Morgan was left feeling very old as one of the few people in the room to recognise a vinyl record!

100 Days in Primary 1!

Yesterday marked the 100th day of school for all the children in Primary 1. To celebrate everyone being 100 days smarter, the children in Primary 2 joined us for a morning of activities.

We did lots of counting to 100, painting 100 dots, making celebratory hats and singing together.

We all had such a fun morning, and can’t wait for the next 100!

Making sure we counted correctly!





Ten dots in ten sections makes 100 dots!