Daily Archives: 09/12/2014

Primary 1 in the Great Outdoors

Since September, Primary 1 have spent some time each week learning outdoors.  At the end of each lesson, we have taken a picture in the same spot and talked about the weather and what it looks and feels like in the playground.

Today we only managed to stay outside long enough to have our photo taken – it was very cold and windy, and some of us had to hold onto our hats to stop them from blowing away!

But we still managed big smiles for the camera.


We thought if today’s weather was a person, he would be grumpy, sad and angry with a red face, or maybe very happy at making us so cold!

Strictly Come Ceilidh

ceilidhOur school hall was transformed last night as the ceilidh band rocked out some scottish tunes at the P7 Ceilidh.  Our P6 and 7 pupils looked so glamorous and grown up (and the adults didn’t scrub up too badly either!) as they spun their way around the hall.  A big thank you to Mr Rae for doing all the dance practice – it was a truly memorable evening. image